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Business Remixed

Jun 30, 2020

In today’s episode I’m talking with creativity and spiritual business coach Shereen Sun. Shereen is passionate about helping healers and solopreneurs grow their businesses through the lens of creativity and healing. Today she shares with us her story of finding her calling, scaling a business the right way, and the importance of working to heal yourself as you get your work out into the world and live your purpose.


We’re talking about:

  • How Shereen transitioned from her career as an art educator into creativity and spiritual business coaching
  • The angel reading that helped her find her calling
  • What inner child wounds have to do with your success or struggles in business
  • How art teaching influenced her style as a coach
  • Our biggest lessons learned about hiring a team and scaling a business that you can use to hire amazing people for your own team
  • Shereen’s approach to managing her growing team remotely while maintaining a business and procedures around what work for her


Connect with Shereen:



Website (don’t forget to take her free quiz to find your sacred business archetype!):