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Business Remixed

Jun 16, 2020

In today’s episode I’m joined by Louiza (AKA Weeze) Doran, co-host of the That’s Not How That Works Podcast and a business coach specializing in diversity, equity, inclusion & empowerment and authentic alignment.  Listen in as Weeze shares her story and teaches us that to find fulfillment in your business we must first look inward.


We’re diving into:

  • Weeze’s own powerful transformation and what it means to build a successful business around your values
  • The white patriarchal roots of our traditional standards, and how she learned that what is considered professional and successful can be different from the norm (and still be successful)
  • What Weeze lost when she was living in these “ideal” business standards, and how she regained them all while building massive success in her business
  • How she maintains her business WHILE maintaining her values and beliefs
  • The signs to look out for that signal you need to do some realigning in your business, and how to pivot so that you can build a business that fulfills you