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Business Remixed

Oct 11, 2022

What does the gender pay gap really encompass? Why isn’t increasing wages enough to fix it? Katica Roy, a gender economist, is here to try and answer some of these questions for us today. She is the founder and CEO of Pipeline, a company focusing on stopping unconscious bias in the workplace and increasing financial performance. The daughter of an immigrant and a refugee, Katica strives to make change for women in the workplace, benefitting both employees and the economy. Join us today, as we chat about why the pay gap isn’t the only issue, why implicit bias trainings aren’t working, and what companies can do about it! 


 Listen now to hear more about:


  • What we should be paying attention to when it comes to gender equity in the workplace
  • The concerning amount of women still missing from the labor force due to the pandemic
  • How it takes women twice as long to be promoted into the same role
  • The assumption that mothers are less committed to their careers than fathers
  • Getting in front of companies' “people decisions” - Pipeline is ensuring equitable decisions before those decisions are made
  • The gap between what companies and CEOs say is important and what employees see happening
  • Learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable; accepting that we all have biases
  • And so much more!!!


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