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Business Remixed

Aug 2, 2022

Balancing our actions between seeming performative and not doing anything can be a hard line to walk.  Who do we look to for guidance in these instances, and how do we separate ourselves from the judgment of strangers?  Dallas Travers is the creator of The Hive - a business mentoring program that helps values-driven coaches build businesses they can be proud of.  Today we sit down and talk about these challenges and others like them, and being intentional in what we are creating.


Listen now to hear more about:


  • The Slow burn vs Quick fix - Dallas’s ripple effect approach
  • Normalizing the “roller-coaster”
  • How George Floyd’s death changed her understanding of her role in DEI
  • Importance of community and how social media has changed how we relate to each other
  • Making the deepest impact with the skills and resources that you have
  • How Dallas’s exchange program for coaches who serve a marginalized community works
  • The thing that Dallas is most excited about going forward


And so much more!


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