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Business Remixed

May 5, 2021

There are many ways to create and run online businesses, but on today’s show I’m super excited to bring you a guest who has built his extremely successful business online in a unique way (and whose business helped me grow my own business from starting out as a struggling non-profit to now a 7-figure business with multiple team members!) Corbett Barr shares with us why you should focus on community and your audience first — before you focus on creating your product or offer — and how beneficial it can be for your business.


Corbett is the founder/CEO of Fizzle, which offers video training and community for digital creators and entrepreneurs. He has been self employed on the Internet since 2005, earning a living from blogging, podcasting, online courses, memberships, SaaS and more. Corbett recently completed a full digital reboot, deleting countless blog posts, social media posts and accounts, in order to refocus and reevaluate his digital self.


Listen now to hear more about:

  • Why focusing on solving a problem for someone is KEY
  • What it REALLY means to start a business
  • The ONLY constant on the internet
  • How to adapt to changes on the internet as you run your business
  • Why Corbett closed almost all of his social media accounts (and still runs an extremely successful business without them!)
  • His favorite alternatives for analytics to avoid feeding the Google Ads machine and support other small businesses
  • The thing we need to get MOST comfortable with as entrepreneurs


Short on time? Check out the show highlights:


  • [5:26] What inspired Corbett to create his business with such a unique model and use his “audience first” method
  • [6:43] What “audience first” means and why it’s so beneficial for your business
  • [12:30] The big shifts Corbett has seen in online business over the years
  • [21:25] His thoughts on things like Google Analytics and the different choices he’s made for analytics and collecting data
  • [27:35] How Fizzle evolved and how it helped me create and grow my business

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