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Business Remixed

Feb 23, 2021

Should I get a coaching certification? Should the coaching industry be regulated? If you’ve been asking these questions, you aren’t alone! These are two of the TOP 3 questions I’ve gotten over the last 4 years, and in today’s episode I’m breaking it all down for you and giving you my complete answer (I feel super strongly about this one!) 


Coaching is more than just teaching someone how to do what you do, right? It’s about moving your clients through transformational journeys, and I know you’re passionate about your clients and what you do! But when you hear all the noise online encouraging you to focus on “racing for those six figures” and see other coaches out there doing harm, you might be thinking it may be time to put some regulation around it. 


Listen in as I unpack where I stand on this, what it ACTUALLY means to be certified as a coach, my advice for you if you’re considering a coaching certification for your own practice, and how we can have a real impact on the industry.


Listen now to hear more about:


  • What you need to know about the differences between certification and licensure and what they mean for the industry


  • How to choose a high-quality certification program if you are going to pursue one
  • Some of the MOST IMPORTANT questions to ask when deciding on a coaching program that maximizes your professional experience, skills, and impact
  • What there isn’t enough of in the coaching industry
  • The MOST IMPORTANT things you shouldn't forget about as you grow your business
  • And much more!


Short on time? Check out the show highlights:

[2:30] - The differences between coaching and licensing, and what I think about regulation

[9:10] - How to make your certification meaningful and high-quality

[15:34] - Questions you can ask to choose a coaching certification program

[18:30] - Why it is so important to invest time in professional skill development

[21:04] - Making the right choice for yourself

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