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Business Remixed

Feb 16, 2021

In our businesses, figuring out which collaborations are value-aligned and which are not — especially out here in the “Wild West'' of online business — is so important. Clients are asking for the receipts that the collaborators you choose share their beliefs, especially in this social climate. Will your business be ready to show clients the proof? It's time to embody your values and choose the BEST aligned collaborators who show up in a way that is amplified and connected to your business’s DEI and anti-racism practices.

Our special guest this week, Elizabeth DiAlto, is the founder of The Institute for Embodied Living, specializing in spiritual and intuitive healing. She helps people—specifically women—to embody self-love, healing, wholeness, and liberation. Her insights will help you identify and choose transformational and value aligned partnerships to help your business create mutually impactful projects. Take it to the next level and join us for the Embodied Impact Mastermind, our collaborative program for experienced entrepreneurs who want to maximize their profits and have a real (and equitable) impact.

Listen now to hear more about:

  • Elizabeth shares about her work and how YOU can embody your values
  • The #1 reason why we can talk less about DEI and anti-racism issues 
  • Why aligned collaboration MUST be transformational (and not transactional!)
  • The best advice for choosing value aligned collaborators (you SHOULD be picky!)
  • Our TOP TIPS will help you maximize the impact of your collaborative projects 
  • Why we’ve decided to partner together for the Embodied Impact Mastermind
  • What you can expect when you join our transformational Embodied Impact Mastermind program
  • And so much more!

Short on time? Check out some of the show highlights:

[3:40] - Elizabeth DiAlto shares her work and background

[9:36] - What aligned collaboration IS and ISN’T

[17:03] - The importance of aligned values in collaborative projects

[19:10] - Who is worthy and appropriate for collaboration

[27:26] - Why we’re partnering for the Embodied Impact Mastermind

[40:40] - What you can expect when you join the Embodied Impact Mastermind program

Join us and apply for the Embodied Impact Mastermind if you’re an experienced entrepreneur who is ready to make money and have a real impact:

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