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Business Remixed

Feb 2, 2021

There’s conflicting advice as to how a business should be showing up online to their followers. What should you share? Should your anti-racism and DEI initiatives be a part of your posts?

Are these posts truly fully aligned with your values and not just an externally motivated performance? Are you prepared to hold the weight of what you are posting online?

In today’s episode, I’m diving into what it means to be performative online, how you can avoid it, what you can do to align yourself with your values and commitments to show up as the REAL you, and how to make a plan to have clear values front and center for your business online so that you can reach the clients who share those values, too.

I’ll talk about:

  • Should you be sharing more about anti-racism and DEI topics on your social media? My biggest tips on what you should (and shouldn’t!) be posting
  • Why you should STOP performing for others online and start authentically communicating your truths
  • How performative actions will leave you and your team feeling unprepared to handle defensiveness (and what you can do to be ready!)
  • Why you MUST be trained in the skills to facilitate a safe space for DEI on your social media
  • These simple steps will get your actions ALIGNED with your commitments and values
  • My MOST IMPORTANT lesson about not being performative so you can act from your truth and show up as YOU
  • And much more!

Leave your questions from the episode under the audiogram on my Instagram page. What are you thinking about? Are you feeling stuck between aligned and performative actions? I want to know more! Connect with me here:

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