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Business Remixed

Sep 27, 2022

What happens when as women, we have done the work - the therapy, professional development, coaching, etc, and still find we are not where we want to be?  Where do we go from here? Dr. Valerie Rein shares with us today that oftentimes that continued struggle comes from intergenerational trauma. She has spent years devoting her work to helping women grow and heal, and is the author of the bestseller Patriarchy Stress Disorder. I am so excited to share my conversation with Dr. Valerie with you today and talk about the effects of intergenerational trauma on our lives.


Listen now to hear more about:


  • The life-changing event that brought about drastic change for Dr. Valerie 
  • Intergenerational trauma where it comes from and who it affects
  • The public awareness 2020 brought to us all about trauma, stress, and our relationships
  • Dismantling a system - what is the assumed goal
  • The impact of changing the things closest to you - even when they seem less significant
  • What movie we recommend EVERYONE watch!
  • Steps everyone can take to get started reflecting on their own lives


And so much more!!


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