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Business Remixed

May 31, 2022

Y’ALL it’s been a while, but WE’RE BACK! We’ve been busy and I’m so jazzed to share what we’ve been up to! But sometimes finishing a big project or event can leave you feeling empty and drained. That’s where I found myself last year. So today I’m chatting about how to combat that burnout and how selfcare can look different for everyone, but is still critical for all. Let’s get into it!


Listen now to hear more about:


The time and energy that really goes into writing a book

Details from my wedding: fun facts, what traditions we kept and didn’t, and where I said YES to the dress! 

The thing that got me out of the post-book slump and inspired me to dig back in

How our personal values can help us stay grounded and connected but may differ from our business values

My new values list, the changes I made and why

A quick exercise you can do to check in with your values


And so much more!


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