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Business Remixed

Jun 15, 2021

Y’all, when I came across the Fuerte and Fearless clothing line, I fell in love with the brand, the message, AND the shirts! I HAD to know more about who was behind it all—and with a little investigating I connected with Fuerte and Fearless founder Jeanette Guardiola-Woods. She’s joining me this week to share about her passion—empowering people of color through fashion. Jeanette’s created a values-driven biz with a message that speaks for itself, embodying the authenticity of Latinx culture with shirt designs that transcend the expected. 

In this episode, Jeanette shares why she started Fuerte and Fearless, the importance of building her brand (and not just a t-shirt company), and her choice to let the brand speak for itself as she finds a balance between behind-the-scenes and front-and-center entrepreneurship. 

Listen now to hear more about:

  • What Fuerte and Fearless REALLY means to Jeanette
  • Capturing the aesthetic of her Puerto Rican/Cuban heritage to reach a larger Latinx audience
  • Why she’s not worried about people using-and-abusing the brand’s social statements
  • How to be an ally and interact with Fuerte and Fearless
  • Practicing explicit inclusion to be clear & focused on your target customers
  • The DISH on what’s next for the brand—plus, the #1 thing Jeanette’s looking forward to!
  • Taking on the challenges (and finding balance) as Latinx entrepreneurs
  • And so much more!


Short on time? Check out the show highlights:

[5:40] The inspiration behind the brand Fuerte and Fearless

[9:20] What Fuerte and Fearless REALLY means to Jeanette

[13:10] Tapping into her Puerto Rican/Cuban heritage for her designs

[20:45] Being an ally & interacting with the brand

[27:00] Focusing on your target audience through explicit inclusivity

[33:00] What’s next for Fuerte and Fearless

[35:50] Finding balance as Latinx entrepreneurs


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