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Business Remixed

Apr 27, 2021

Leading through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion should be a top priority for every business owner. When your business practices are aligned with your values of DEI, you are letting your customers know that they are important and your business is accessible to all. I’m talking more about these ideas this week with beauty entrepreneur, podcaster, and DEI coach & consultant Erica Courdae. She is passionate about creating open spaces where leaders can learn to be true to who they are, own the changes they want to make, and pivot their mindset to create an inclusive, supportive, and value-aligned business culture that honors their clients. 

In this episode, Erica is diving deeper into what it means to ALWAYS do business through the lens of DEI. She’s sharing what she’s learned on her journey in multiple roles in the beauty industry, how it’s impacted her as a business owner, and what you can do to shift to a message of inclusivity in YOUR business practices.

Listen now to hear more about:

  • Erica reflects on the culture of exclusion in business and teaching practices in the beauty industry—and why she was ready to make a change
  • Being efficient, defying stereotypes, and creating an inclusive space as a stylist & business owner
  • The importance of feeling CONFIDENT in your hair—especially for folks with textured hair
  • Erica shares her TOP TIPS to create an inclusive & accessible business (and reach your TARGET market!)
  • Why you can make money AND make an impact with a client-centered biz
  • And so much more!


Short on time? Check out the show highlights:

[6:00] Inefficient and noninclusive practices in the beauty industry

[23:30] Shifting to a message of inclusion

[29:40] The connection between hair and confidence

[35:30] Practices to implement for an accessible and inclusive biz

[42:00] Support yourself AND honor your clients

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