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Business Remixed

Apr 20, 2021

Building your brand is just as important as scaling your business. That’s why my guest this week, CEO of the Master Brand Institute Jennifer “Jen” Kem, is so passionate about helping industry experts and entrepreneurs get seen, heard, and paid MORE online and offline by developing their brand. With extensive corporate and entrepreneurial experiences, she knows first-hand the power of intentionally building an engaging brand that attracts customers who want to be a part of your big impact — and she wants to help YOU achieve it! In this episode, Jen’s diving into the difference between a business and a brand, what it means to be values-driven, as well as her TOP TIPS to create a desirable brand and confidently grow your business.

Listen now to hear more about:

  • Jen shares why you should be creating and building your BRAND (versus only scaling your business)
  • Strategies and structures to create a WHOLE customer experience that will get you PAID!
  • We dig deeper into the importance of building relationships, aligning your values, and the consistency of trust
  • The culture of Bro-marketing (and why you should AVOID it!)
  • Why the self-centered nature of online marketing and business is unsustainable
  • Creating a legacy plan for your company — plus, how YOU can tap into your values to retain the integrity and spirit of your biz
  • The 3 CORE COMPONENTS of Jen’s method for building (and retaining) your values
  • Jen’s BEST advice for solving the personal triggers tied to biz problems
  • And so much more!

Short on time? Check out the show highlights:

[7:40] Why you need to build your brand (over just growing your business)

[14:00] Attracting customers with a desirable brand

[20:00] The problem with Bro-marketing

[30:00] The importance of biz transparency and legacy

[39:00] Jen’s method for tapping into your values

[46:20] Solving personal triggers tied to business problems

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