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Business Remixed

Apr 13, 2021

You can (and should!) stand up for your beliefs and values without apologies. My guest this week, Rachel Luna, is diving into this idea and giving YOU permission to offend when you speak your truths. Rachel is a Certified Master Coach, speaker, and host of the podcast “Permission To Offend” who helps people gain the clarity and confidence they need to achieve their personal & business goals. She’s joining me to have an open conversation about what it means to stand up for what you believe is right and true, so you can step into your identity and make a REAL difference in the world. On this episode, Rachel shares her journey to discovering her identity, what it means to hold separate truths, and why you NEED to stop worrying about offending folks when you stand up for your beliefs.


Listen now to hear more about:

  • How journaling will give you the confidence to activate your life and business
  • Rachel gets real about the life-changing experiences that have shaped her identity
  • What it means to give yourself permission to offend (and align with your values!)
  • Why Rachel holds true to her Christian faith in her work 
  • Being an empathetic offender to build better personal and business relationships
  • What you can do to hold YOUR boundaries and communicate them mindfully
  • Why you need to unpack your biases (no matter your identity)
  • How Rachel is creating a safe space for women of color through her writing
  • And so much more!


Short on time? Check out the show highlights:

[6:10] Rachel gets personal about the journey to discovering her identity

[19:40] What it means to have “permission to offend”

[29:40] Christianity as a core value of her life and work

[34:00] Why you should be an empathetic offender

[44:50] Unpacking your biases 

[49:40] Why Rachel is writing a book to create a safe space


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