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Business Remixed

Jan 5, 2021

2020 did NOT go as planned for anyone, and it definitely asked us to all show up in a different way than we planned a year ago. But it did have some awesome things, like causing people to FINALLY listen to conversations around DEI, justice, and anti-racism and start noticing that we have to do things differently — including in the coaching industry. So as we begin 2021, we’re back with weekly episodes of the podcast, bringing you things we can be doing differently, things we can be doing better, and ways we can reframe the way we approach and think about business so that we can be running businesses that are impactful with world changing implications. We’re back with an episode on what we’ve been up to since the podcast was on hiatus, the impact that was made, and where we’re going in 2021!


I’m diving into:

  • What I thought I would be doing for 2020 vs what ACTUALLY did happen
  • The thing we don’t talk about enough in the coaching industry (and why it’s so important to start focusing on it)
  • Dealing with cancelled travel plans and events in the wake of the pandemic
  • The switch that was flipped in 2020 and started to finally wake people up
  • How the Black Lives Matter movement spilled over into different industries (and why this was so important)
  • Managing concerns, worry, and frustration for those of us working around anti-oppression, anti-racism, and DEI work
  • The work that is ahead of us in 2021 (and what we’re planning in our business for THIS year!)
  • How we incorporate our beliefs and passion for DEI into our team and business and our team culture
  • Creating sustainable, successful, highly impactful and affordable programs in your business
  • The shift we helped clients make and the results their communities noticed because of them
  • And more!


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