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Feb 13, 2024

Just like every good course of study or inquiry, you start by defining your terms. So, what is coaching anyway?! Joining me in this conversation to break it down is my friend, colleague, and client, Lindsay Dotzlaf. Lindsay is the founder of The Coach Lab, where she teaches coaches how to coach by teaching them foundational coaching skills. 


Listen in for our first official episode of this version of the podcast, where we're kicking things off by digging into what coaching even is, who coaches are, and how those definitions have evolved over the last couple years.


In this episode, you’ll hear:


[5:05] How Lindsay and I define coaching

[7:03] Breaking down what it means to be a coach and who should—and shouldn’t—call themselves one

[8:30] Why some people distance themselves from the title of coach 

[10:30] THIS very clear boundary around what isn’t actually coaching

[12:04] How Lindsay came into the work as a coach and why she and I see things so differently than much of the industry

[15:15] What it is about coaching that helps people and can be so transformative

[21:30] One of the reasons I feel the coaching industry has taken a hit in the last couple of years

[22:46] Balancing having an online coaching practice and learning how to run the business behind that practice

[24:07] The pressure to achieve what the general conventional idea of success is 

[26:00] We talk giant money goals and the expectation to make $100K years or months or more

[30:36] Predictions of what we’ll see more—and less!—of in the industry in the years to come

[40:49] The beauty and power of diversity


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